Champ is 11, but has unexpectedly found himself a father of sorts

By Alex Heigl
April 03, 2014 07:55 PM

This is, quite literally, an old dog learning a new trick.

Photographer Candice Sedighan’s 11-year-old golden retriever, Champ, has found himself a surrogate father to an unusual brood: A small flock of baby chickens.

Champ shows an unusual degree of tolerance and care with the chicks; he lets them “cuddle up to him and burrow into his fur for extra warmth,” Sedighan says on YouTube.

Sedighan is fostering the chicks at her home in Southern California until she can find homes for all of them, and though she was initially cautious of how Champ would react to his new houseguests, she needn’t have worried.

“I hope that this video can show people that senior dogs can be just as cute as puppies! The gentle and wise nature of senior dogs is simply unmatched,” she told

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