It's not hard to imagine how a dog named Buttermilk ended up in an animal shelter

By Saryn Chorney
December 04, 2017 02:58 PM

Buttermilk the Beagle is the Harry Houdini of hounds.

A video of the dog posted to Facebook by the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter went viral last week. The clip, posted on Nov. 28, shows the wily pup scaling a 4-ft. cage wall and then perching atop it. Buttermilk’s brazen feat currently has more than 184K views on the social media site.

Watching the video may help explain how Buttermilk (Isle of Wight often names its dogs after food delivered to the shelter by volunteers) ended up homeless. Emily Glickman, a staff member of the Virginia shelter, says the courageous canine was rescued three weeks ago. She also told Fox News the video of the attempted escape artist had piqued interest in the pup, who has since had a slew of inquiries.

But the best news of all? We hear Buttermilk will be going home with a new forever family just in time for the holidays.

We also hear the sly dog’s new parents have been warned to keep a close eye on this very, ahem, independent hound.