Viral Cereal-Loving Cat Named Trash Panda Surprised with His Own Adorable Fruity Pebbles Box

"We also included some cereal so you'll be stocked up should you encounter a snowstorm," the Post cereal company wrote in a sweet note to the black-and-white feline

cereal cat
Trash Panda the cat. Photo: Fulton County ESDA

Trash Panda will have cereal with his milk, please!

The black-and-white cat — who previously went viral in memes that featured his love for Fruity Pebbles — was recently surprised with his very own custom Fruity Pebbles box, courtesy of Post and Pebbles Cereal.

Alongside the personalized package (which also included several other Fruity Pebbles goodies), the company sent Trash Panda a sweet note, which the Fulton County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA) shared in a Facebook post on Thursday.

"Trash Panda — We're honored you're such a big Pebbles fan!" the handwritten note began. "We hope you enjoy the custom gift at the bottom of the box. We also included some cereal so you'll be stocked up should you encounter a snowstorm."

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cereal cat
Trash Panda the cat. Fulton County ESDA

"Please send thanks to your colleagues for taking care of the people of Fulton County during COVID-19," it went on, concluding, "Sincerely, the Pebbles team."

In their Facebook post, the ESDA said, "Never in our wildest dreams would we have anticipated what was inside" the package for Trash Panda, who is the ESDA's "spokescat" for the group's public-safety-information and fundraising efforts.

"Inside was 2 big boxes of the pebbles, some great pebbles masks (*THEY SMELL LIKE PEBBLES!!!!*), fruity pebble candy bars (FYI — those went quick — not gonna lie they were amazing)," they wrote, joking that Trash Panda is now, thanks to his custom box, "like the Michael Jordan of the cat world."

"This was such an incredible honor, kind gesture, and how on earth they figured this out is beyond us," the ESDA went on. "But I think this is probably the biggest takeaway from this entire glorious moment: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

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They continued, "If a 9 lb cat (yeah yeah we know — maybe we should cut back on his fruity pebbles but you try telling him no) can get his face on some cereal boxes — YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You matter. You are important. Everything can make a difference for someone, no matter how small."

"If you would [have] told me a kitten found abandoned that was bottle fed every 4 hours or so for quite some time to keep alive, would have helped kids in need ... helped a local teacher make goodie bags for some kids at St Jude, and done some other things, we'd of never believed it," the ESDA said. "Then to see his face on boxes of Fruity Pebbles. Still not able to wrap our heads around it. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift."

ESDA Director Chris Helle told local outlet WEEK that Trash Panda's Fruity Pebbles story "speaks a lot to our community and what our residents do."

"It shows you the magnitude social media can have when you have a good community to rally behind you, wonderful public safety agencies, good county board members," Helle added.

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