June 09, 2015 04:25 PM

Need a quick break from the monotony of work, the daily grind or the boredom of whatever routine you’re trapped in? Welcome to Vine Time, where we take a look at three Vines that, for a brief moment (six seconds to be exact), make us smile, laugh or say, “What did we just watch?”

BigCatDerek claims his tiger Boomer “is conducting important water/ball correlation research.” He might just been watching too much Cirque du Soleil, though. The tiger bathes in a tub of water while trying to balance all four paws on a small green ball. It’s a daunting task, but that doesn’t stop him from trying!

Another talented pet, Vine’s fluffy bichon frise Quincy, shows he knows all the words to Silento’s “Watch Me” as he howls along.

And our last Vine of the week proves that three is better than two. When an adorable golden retriever finds his friends playing a game of tug of war, he doesn’t get mad that he’s been left out of the fun. Nope, he just takes on a new role: referee.

Hey, it’s a lesson we could all learn from.

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