January 27, 2016 11:37 PM

Sure, you know what a squirrel or a seagull looks like, but could you identify them by touch or just a few simple clues? It would probably be hard, and it would definitely be weird. 

Using this model, we blindfolded several brave PEOPLE staffers and introduced them to a few wild (but polite) residents from the San Diego Zoo. Before meeting their new mystery friend face-to-face, our participants (did we mention how brave they are?) had to guess the critter, with only a few clues from Zookeeper Rick Schwartz. 

This may seem easy from the other side of the screen, but what would you think if your blindfolded self was told that odor you were smelling was … decaying flesh? 

Celebrate the San Diego Zoo’s centennial and see which PEOPLE “people” are budding zoologists by watching the video test above!

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