July 15, 2015 04:00 PM

A British feline has eight lives left after a group of office workers saved her from the ledge of a busy bridge in London – and the daring rescue was caught on video.

The Express reports that a team from a London property rental agency first spotted the cat dangerously perched on the Hammersmith Flyover, a bridge bustling with vehicles. Worried the cat would jump into traffic, or worse, off the bridge, Leon Gaskin, Sara Persad and Breda O’Mahony drove from their office to the cat’s location and used a towel and cardboard box to pull the animal to safety.

In the video, you can hear the voices of their proud colleagues cheering them on as they slowly coax the cat off the ledge.

“We were worried we might scare her when we got up there but luckily she was happy to come with us,” Leon Gaskin said. “We don’t know how she would have got up there on her own, so perhaps someone put her there.”

The black feline was taken to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Victoria, where she was named Bridget and treated for a grazed chin. Despite the frightening ordeal, the cat is friendly and calm.

“Bridget is very lucky to have been spotted in time. It could have been so much worse,” said Mark Bossley, the chief vet at Blue Cross. “Bridget is a friendly and trusting little cat, who thankfully has survived her terrifying ordeal pretty much unscathed.”

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