Cassidy switched out his 3D-printed wheelchair for an even faster mode of transportation

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 21, 2016 06:43 PM

Casserole the cat has found his magic carpet.

The black-and-white kitten, who goes by the nickname Cassidy, was found by Tiny Kittens Society animal rescue in a British Columbia feral cat colony missing both his back legs below the knee. It was a miracle that Cassidy had survived on the streets for that long with his disability —Tiny Kittens Society knew that this feline was a fighter. The group rescued the kitten and went to work to bring him to full health.

After several weeks of round-the-clock care, Cassidy’s true, energetic personality emerged. He started learning to use his 3D-printed wheelchair and exploring his surroundings. Soon, Cassidy was getting frustrated with the wheelchair, which got in the way of where he wanted to go and climb. That’s when he found a flashier, tech-savvy option for getting around.

According to Huffington Post, one day, the curious kitten decided to jump on a passing Roomba and loved the ride. Now, Cassidy often hops on the automated vacuum for express trips around his foster home. Tiny Kitties Society posted a video of Cassidy’s preferred mode of transportation to its Facebook, where the clip has been viewed over 22,800 times.

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Cassidy still has some healing to do before he can ride his Roomba into a forever home. He is currently undergoing physical therapy to, hopefully, prepare him for a pair of prosthetic legs in the future. To keep track of his rolling progress, watch the Tiny Kitties Society’s livestream.