The actress’s quartet of dogs and cats are like “children”

By People Staff
October 03, 2011 01:00 PM

Kristin Bauer’s family of six was always meant to be together.

The True Blood actress’s rottweiler Asher was the last dog remaining at an adoption event she attended for Best Friends Animal Society.

“That metal truck pulled up and I just couldn’t put him in there,” she tells PEOPLE. “So the city said, ‘Well, do you have $37?’ I had a little bag of dog treats and I looked through it and there was $38.”

Rounding out the family are rescue dog Ozmand, who is “best friends” with Asher, and 6-lb. kitty Abigail, who looks cute when she snuggles with her brother Samuel but rules the roost like “a brutal, destructive queen.”

“They’re my children,” Bauer says. “I like to rescue animals in twos.”

In this family, everybody has a partner. “Then I rescued my husband the South African, so I have five rescues,” she jokes.

Click on the video above to learn about how Bauer’s animals came into her life.

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