Stanley the parrot knows how to slide into any situation

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 17, 2015 07:15 PM

His moves are smooth. His wings are clipped. And all the ladies are caw-caw-crazy about him. Who’s that bird? It’s P.I. Parrot.

This bad boy with an undeniable sense of style is living life on the right side of the law … for now. After getting out of jail for illegal speed boat racing, P.I. Parrot – P.I.P. to his friends – is helping Miami locals solve mysterious crimes, bust drug rings and fall in love.

Even with all this work, P.I.P. finds time to keep his cage classy, his biceps bulging, and his little black book full with the most beautiful macaws in town.

Out of everything in his wild roller coaster of a life, however, there is one thing that really makes P.I.P. stand out: The way he makes an entrance. Whether he is saving babies from a burning orphanage or starting a jet ski gun fight with a crime lord, P.I. Parrot always slides into a situation effortlessly.

Or at least that is the entire back story I imagine for this beautiful and talented African gray parrot, Stanley, who can expertly slide down bannisters. Watch and learn, people.