If cartoon characters Tom and Jerry were real and lived in New York City, here's how things would go down

The sign clearly says: “Please use other door,” but this mouse doesn’t care.

That’s because he’s doing everything in his power to antagonize his mortal enemy on the other side of it — and it’s working big time.

We imagine the mouse outside on the busy New York City sidewalk is sticking his tongue out at the cat inside and saying the rodent equivalent of: “nanny, nanny, boo, boo.”

The fact that a window separates the cat from the little critter doesn’t stop the feline from attempting to get it, the kitty is pacing around, trying to figure out how to make the mouse lunch (we’re pretty sure we saw an episode of Tom and Jerry just like this once).

In the end, mouse says “Later, loser,” and goes off on his merry way — probably to a bar where he and all his buddies will laugh endlessly about what just happened. As for the cat: he’s cursing the day he moved to this town.