The dog was quick to cover his rescuers in kisses

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 30, 2015 09:52 PM

Just one day after Thanksgiving, a McKinney, Texas, dog found another reason to be grateful.

On Friday, the large pooch and his owner were rescued from the raging flood waters that hit Texas this weekend, reports ABC News. Fire and police crews responded to the call about the stranded pair; when they arrived the stuck man was found chest-deep in water with his pet around his shoulders.

First Response

Rescuers immediately went to work, lowering a firefighter down from a ladder truck to hoist the duo up and out of the water. The dog’s trip from water to dry land was captured on video by First Response Photography.

First Response

Also caught on camera? Many shots of the dog’s gratitude towards his saviors. Minutes after getting his four-pawed bearings, the damp dog was up on his legs covering his rescuers in appreciative kisses. They will definitely be getting a shout out at the Thanksgiving table next year.