Video: Soccer Game Interrupted by Both Cat and Dog at Various Points

A soccer match in Mexico Saturday earned the historical distinction of being the first game — to our knowledge — to be interrupted by both a dog and a cat at different points

Saturday night, a soccer match between Mexico’s Pachuca and Jaguares teams had the distinction of becoming — to our knowledge — the first soccer match ever interrupted by both a dog and a cat at separate points.

The first interruption occurs at around 1:04 in the video above, when a friendly looking pup scoots onto the field, presumably trying to get in a little time with that ball everyone else is having so much fun with. After he’s safely corralled, the game resumes, at least until 3:50, when a very bored-looking cat is observed sitting on the field, presumably judging the action.

The cat immediately flees when approached by a player, and the bemused broadcasters cut back to some footage of the dog romping around the field. And why shouldn’t they? Technically, this was a historic game.

We have no idea who won. More importantly, do the dog and cat know each other? Were they in cahoots? These are the real questions.

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