Bears: Just not that smart since the dawn of time

Turns out Winnie the Pooh’s good-natured dimwittedness might have been a little more accurate than any of us figured at first glance.

Deputies in Jefferson County, Colorado, are probably more used to saving civilians from bears, but Tuesday afternoon, they were summoned to a call with a unique twist.

Somehow, a black bear cub had managed to get itself locked inside of a car.

Deputies figured the silly bear had been in there for some time, mostly because of the condensation on the windows, but they were at a loss to explain how he’d gotten in there in the first place, and even more confused at how to free him, because he’d ripped up the dashboard and the door panels in his frustration. Their main concern was freeing him before mom showed up, because based on his size, they believe he had a concerned parent out there.

Eventually, they popped the hatch on the car to free the bear and he scampered off into the woods (at gunpoint, because you can never be too careful).

Bears: Really just not that smart.