VIDEO: Seal Hitches Ride on Whale-Watching Boat to Avoid Whales

A seal hitched a ride with a whale-watching boat in British Columbia, Canada, to avoid a pack of orcas chasing it.

Better the devil you know than the one that you don’t.

Wait a minute. Strike that, reverse it.

YouTuber Kirk Fraser posted a series of clips recently that showed one seal’s unusual orca-survival technique — namely, scramble onto the nearest boat and look really cute.

Fraser’s group was out on a routine whale watching trip in British Columbia, Canada, when they discovered a pod of 12 transient orcas chasing a seal. The panicked animal awkwardly hopped out of the water and made its way onto the boat, though it was so panicked it fell off three times before getting a firm enough flipper-hold to stay.

The orcas continued to circle the boat for 30-45 minutes afterwards, demonstrating that not only are orcas intelligent, but that they’re persistent. (The list of things I’ve given up after 30 minutes is into the triple digits at this point.)

Anyway, good on the seal for outsmarting the orcas and good on Kirk for being there and disrupting a natural process in a way that provides brief entertainment for people while at their computers.

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