The cat “had the time of his life” rolling around in catnip, according to the caption of the YouTube video

By Amy Jamieson
Updated January 19, 2016 09:05 PM

It’s every cat’s dream: breaking into a pet store and having a bath in a wide variety of catnip products.

It came true for one feline and, thankfully, no kitty criminal charges have been filed.

The cat, who entered the pet store allegedly “by accident,” “had the time of his life” rolling around in catnip toys, according to the caption for the YouTube video.

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Watch as the cat rolls and rubs the display counter in utter delight, the toys acting as his bath bubbles. It’s comforting to know that police were not called in to end the catnip cuddling session and the kitty left the premises without incident (we were really worried).

“His owner came to pick him up, so all’s well that ends well!” reads the caption.