Rocksy is ready for more food, thanks. She’ll just bang on this door until you’re ready to give it to her

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 17, 2015 06:53 PM

Knock, knock, anybody home? It’s me, the local hungry raccoon, ready for some handouts. Busy? I’ll just knock on this door until you’re ready to feed me.

According to the woman who filmed this YouTube video, Rocksy the raccoon eats the cat food on her porch, then, when it’s all gone, she grabs a small rock and knocks at the back door (for hours!) in an effort to get more food — just in case you didn’t see her standing there at the glass window … in broad daylight.

“This raccoon cracks me up,” says the woman, who has really fallen for the little creature that has lived in her yard for years. “I just want people to know that raccoons are wonderful … and just because you see a raccoon out in the day, does not mean it has rabies. That is such a myth.”

The woman explains that the raccoon stays with her young at night and works during the day, looking for more nibbles to bring back to her babies. Clearly, Rocksy is a rock star mom — let’s just hope she doesn’t discover the doorbell.

“I love her so much,” says the woman. “She does this all the time.”