The AKC will send a sweet video of a puppy on your behalf to make someone smile during these times of social distancing.
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What better way to make someone smile than with man’s best friend!

As the world continues to face the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the American Kennel Club has decided to expand its PupPals Program so that people can send uplifting puppygrams to anyone struggling through this uncertain time.

“The AKC PupPals Program provides people in need of uplifting with a message from a canine friend,” the organization writes on their website. “Anyone is eligible to receive a note, including people who are struggling with an illness, the illness/death of a loved one (human or pet), who are missing a deployed loved one, or who are otherwise struggling through a difficult time.”

Anyone can nominate someone using a form on the organization’s website. If nominating a minor, they request that parents or legal guardians fill out the information.

American Kennel Club PupPals Program
Credit: American Kennel Club

Once nominated, the AKC will send that person a letter or video from a canine companion to spread some cheer amid the outbreak.

The AKC is also asking people to submit videos of their dogs for the organization to share through the program. “Dogs of any age or breed (including All-American Dogs) are welcome to join,” they write.

People can enroll their pup for the program using a separate form on the website and by sending the AKC a video of their four-legged friend.

The Club recommends that the video is no longer than one minute and should be filmed from the dog’s point of view. They suggest showing the pooch doing a special trick or simply including information about the pup, including their name, breed and what they enjoy.

It should also include the pup “telling” the recipient a general uplifting message, such as wishing them a “good day.”

The AKC also assures that recipients will receive their puppygram within 8-10 business days of their nomination.

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