The Toronto Zoo's panda Da Mao was given a snowman after a recent snowfall, which he promptly destroyed in the most adorable way possible

By Alex Heigl
December 22, 2016 02:23 PM

The Toronto Zoo’s resident giant panda, Da Mao, reaaaaally likes snow.

In fact, he’s famous for it. Da Mao first became famous in 2014, when a video of his antics in Toronto’s winter snow racked up nearly six million views.

So far, “Da Mao v. Snowman Part II: This Time It’s Personal” has a ways to go before it surpasses that figure, but it could go the distance. The panda ascends to the top of a snowman his keepers made for him, before toppling off it comically and in an almost-too-good-to-be-true pratfall, getting beaned on his own dome by the snowman’s head.

Pandas: Fairly bad at breeding and surviving and quite a bit else, but just excellent at frolicking.