VIDEO: Orangutan Goes Ape Over Simple Magic Trick


Attention magicians! Are your patrons getting tired of the classic tricks? Children yawning every time you pull a rabbit out of a hat? If so, it’s time to take your show to the zoo.

Orangutans are hungry for a little “abracadabra” in their lives. Take this nice chap above: A simple disappearing cup trick, and he is on the floor in delighted hysterics. Now, just imagine how apes will react to your never-ending handkerchief or basic card illusion.

Clearly, there is an untapped market out there. Animals may not carry cash, but the joy you bring them should be payment enough, right? So pack up both the top half and bottom half of your sawed-up lady assistant, and get thee to the nearest zoo, aquarium or petting farm now.

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