VIDEO: Oprah Introduces Her 'New Baby,' Sadie

TV queen shows off her new blonde cocker spaniel puppy and urges viewers to adopt from shelters.

Promos for Friday’s edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show promised viewers would meet her “new baby,” and the TV queen delivered on her vow. She showed off Sadie, her new blonde cocker spaniel puppy.

The audience let out a collective “aww” when the dog was brought on stage wearing an orange and pink polka-dotted jacket.

“The dog chose me,” Winfrey said when co-host Gayle King asked how she selected the adorable pup at a Chicago shelter on Sunday. “She was on my shoulder, nuzzling.”

Winfrey and her longtime steady, Stedman Graham, adopted Sadie at the PAWS shelter, a no-kill facility where the animal-rights advocate has sponsored a room in honor of her dog Sophie, who passed on last year.

“Thank you for my new love PAWS,” Winfrey said as she cuddled the pup. She urged viewers to consider adopting from a shelter where many people are giving up pets in these tough economic times.

This past week has been a sleepless one for Winfrey, who said that the puppy’s crate was actually in her bed during Sadie’s first night in her new home. “We’ve had a rough week, I haven’t slept,” she said.

After introducing the puppy to the world, Winfrey brought out Sadie’s three brothers who are all available for adoption at PAWS. Co-host Ali Wentworth held a pup and pleaded on camera to her husband George Stephanopoulos, begging to take one puppy home.

Sadie joins the other members of Winfrey’s menagerie, golden retrievers, Luke and Layla. Winfrey’s other beloved cocker spaniel, Solomon, also passed away last year.

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