Steven Peterson named the animal Miss Ice River and stayed with her after the rescue to make sure she was okay

By Kelli Bender
January 05, 2016 08:21 PM

Warm hearts prevail over the cold elements, just ask Steven Peterson who risked his life to save a young deer stuck flailing in a frozen Minnesota River.

Peterson spotted the animal frantically trying to get out of an icy hole in the frozen Kettle River near Duluth, according to Good News Network. Unsure how long ago the deer entered the water and knowing that every second counted, the man decided to take immediate action. As a deaf person, Peterson was worried he would have trouble communicating the problem to a 911 dispatcher, so he chose to save the deer himself. 

Peterson carefully crossed the ice on the river to the hole where the doe was struggling. Using only a tree branch and a rope, he pulled the animal out the water and onto firm ground. 

After rescuing the deer, Peterson checked the animal for injuries, and found only a few minor scrapes. To be safe, he stayed with the ice-covered deer for an hour to make sure she could take care of herself. Before parting from his new friend, Peterson gave her the name Miss Ice River. 

The animal savior was also kind enough to film the rescue and subsequent bonding time, which should inspire everyone to lend a hand (or hoof) when needed.