The pooch, who is now in the care of animal services, wouldn't budge from his owner's side

The look of concern is undeniable.

Watch as a dog from Landover Hills, Maryland, stands by his injured, lifeless owner after a fire engulfed their home on Wednesday morning, NBC4 Washington reports.

In the clip, the brown pooch apparently stands guard over his owner, who was later treated for smoke inhalation (both of the people injured in the blaze are expected to fully recover at an area hospital).

Firefighters told NBC4 that they had trouble getting to one of the two people injured in the fire because the woman’s dog was standing over her.

The rescuers tried to call the dog away from the woman, but the loyal pooch wouldn’t move They eventually aimed a powder fire extinguisher in the direction of the dog, which allowed them get the woman out of the house, the report said.

The pup was never aggressive towards the firefighters, said Mark Brady, a spokesman for the fire department. A dog, two turtles and several puppies were removed safely from the home.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.