VIDEO: Kiss-Crazy Monkey Has No Respect for Personal Space and That's Okay

This howler monkey is more about smooches than screams

Animals can’t always tell us in words how much they adore us, but they still find ways to show how much they care.

In Bolivia, one red howler monkey has mastered the language of love. He lives at the wildlife sanctuary La Senda Verde, where the animal residents are allowed to roam without cages or fences. This offers them a chance to get pretty close to the volunteers who care for them. Our monkey star likes to show his appreciation by climbing on staff members and covering their faces in sweet, furry kisses.

It’s a little straightforward, but this appreciative Casanova pulls is off perfectly. Well, he does at first, until things get a little handsy. But then, how would you treat someone who spends every day saving your life?

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