December 15, 2015 08:39 PM

These are baby pandas from the Chengdu Research Center and panda breeding facility. They’re not very good at doing anything quite yet. Of course, most pandas aren’t very good at doing anything other than being super cute but also endangered, however these pandas are especially bad at doing things.

Look at them try to climb a tree. They’re bad at it. They want to chew on each other’s faces. Or maybe spoon with each other instead.

Tree-climbing is an essential part of being a panda, so we’re heartened that the one appears to have figured it out by the end, even though he’s unceremoniously removed from the tree by a handler.

Seems hard to be a panda. Probably not harder than being a human, what with the racism and global income inequality and man’s cruelty to man, but these guys are having a rough time of things, too, and that’s important to keep in mind.

Pandas: Reminding us that life is hard for everyone.

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