Neighbors saw a broken window and heard rustling inside a home, so they called the police

Cat burglars may be out of a job now that birds are starting to get into the break-in biz.

Even with eyes like a hawk, an actual hawk managed to crash through a window of a Houston, Texas, home, setting off an amusing chain of events.

According to KEYC, neighbors didn’t see the hawk shatter the window, they just saw the broken glass and heard rustling inside the home. Aware that the home’s owners were on vacation, concerned neighbors, assuming there was a burglary in progress, surrounded the residence and called the police.

Officers quickly arrived at the home, drew their guns and went inside to catch the culprit. What they came out with was a laundry basket with one very confused hawk inside.

The cops released the bird, who appeared to have no injuries from his accidental crime, while neighbors looked on.

Although a bird intrusion beats a burglar, the hawk did not leave the home unscathed. Along with breaking the window, the animal also ruined two comforters, covering them in droppings.