Puppy De Paris pet products capture the essence of a luxurious French lifestyle

By People Staff
Updated March 25, 2011 11:45 AM

Ready to invest in that Parisian summer home you’ve been dreaming of? Puppy De Paris may have just the property for you.

Their new construction called the Apartment Place Vendome is a “building” whose proportions mirror the architecture in Paris’s very own Place Vendome – amenities include velvet curtains, shelves to store plenty of clothes, a set of drawers gilded in 24-karat gold, and a rooftop view. All this for a mere $14,000.

Did we mention that this apartment is for a dog? Designed by French designer Karin Fainas, this dwelling is just one of the creations in her new collection, which she says is inspired by the prestigious décor of Paris and a testimony to French history.

“I love the 18th century. I find so many interesting details. What I love is how everything is tailor-made,” Fainas tells TIME.com. “What I like most about the collection is that it demonstrates the French know-how which is based on traditions and techniques that were developed over centuries and adapted to the desires of my clients and their four-legged companions.”

It took Fainas three years to find craftsmen to make the pieces for her collection. “I had to find the best artisans who were willing to take on the crazy task of producing furniture for dogs,” she says.

Click on the video above to see her other pieces, including the Ecuelle Royale, a doggie-dining dish gilded in 24-karat gold that sells for $5,500.