Does life get any better than this?

Dude, give the lady a chance to breathe between all these major life moments.

An efficient boyfriend recently laid the love on thick, accomplishing two big relationship milestones with one puppy. In the video of the dating double whammy, the lucky girlfriend is first presented with an adorable puppy for the pair to raise together. It’s so cute, and squirmy, and precious, and sweet, and soft, and … wait, is the boyfriend trying to tell her something? “Read her name tag” … ?

Why is she supposed to read the tag? Oh, sweet Christmas we have a puppy proposal. Throw on the red alert! Hearts are going to explode with all the love happening in this clip.

Attached to the tag is an engagement ring. Of course, the girlfriend says yes, after a few seconds of convulsive sobbing. Ah, puppy love.