October 04, 2010 11:45 AM

It seems like nothing really scares Casey Anderson. The Expedition Wild star has been up close and personal with wolves, bears (like his best pal, Brutus) and a host of crazy creatures. Now, in the newest season of his hit Nat Geo Wild show, he’s going “behind-the-scenes” at Yellowstone National Park, giving viewers an up-close look at nature’s most beautiful creatures.

“Yellowstone is literally in my backyard,” he tells PEOPLEPets.com in the video clip above. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to share.”

In tonight’s episode (which airs at 9 p.m. ET), Anderson goes inside the wolf pack, reporting on the reintroduction of gray wolves (like the one in this clip!) to Yellowstone Park. “Everything in Yellowstone this time of year is dynamic,” he says. “There’s a lot going on.”

Next week, Expedition Wild will focus on grizzly bears – creatures with which Anderson has a lot of experience. In fact, he recently wrote a book about his best furry pal, Brutus, a bear he befriended in 2002. The cuddly cutie, who at the time looked like “a fuzzy Twinkie,” inspired the adventureman to open his Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, Mont.

Read more about Anderson’s relationship with Brutus in The Story of Brutus, and catch Expedition Wild tonight and next Monday on Nat Geo Wild!

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