Ginger Rogers came to Orange County Animal Services as a stray on Feb. 8

February 12, 2016 07:02 PM

Ginger Rogers — it’s the perfect name for a girl with dance moves as serious as these.

The pup was given that name when she arrived as a stray at Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 8, and a video of her dancing has already become a must-see with nearly 200,000 views on Facebook.

The shelter believes the 1-year-old border terrier mix is someone’s pet, since she was wearing a harness when she arrived, but so far no owner has come forward to reclaim her.

“She was instantly well known here at our shelter for her amazing dance moves,” says program manager Diane Summers, who adds that volunteer coordinator Crystal Kincaid filmed the cute video. “It doesn’t seem that she was necessarily trained to dance, it’s just something she does when excited.”
Soon Ginger may be doing the conga right out the door of the shelter. On Feb. 11, a local resident submitted an application to adopt her, and if no owner comes forward, she’ll head to her forever home on Feb. 15.

“We all love her and are thrilled she’s found a new home and some fame!” Summers tells PEOPLE. “Positive stories on shelter pets make all the difference for us.”

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