December 15, 2015 09:08 PM

A friendship like theirs is hard to find.

That’s because Carla and Peterle are a dog and a deer, respectively, yet they’ve become the best of friends at a Christmas tree farm in Germany.

The pair bonded a year and a half ago, according to NBC News, when the dog was walking with her owners in Germany’s Black Forest and came upon the baby animal, alone and abandoned.

“Carla immediately took up a mother role, when she found the abandoned baby stag during a hike through the forest,” the dog’s owner Helga Kuderer, who eventually adopted the deer, told NBC News.

Kuderer runs a 200-year-old Christmas tree farm, where she helped raise the orphan, now named Peterle, by bottle-feeding it for six months until it went back into the wild on its own.

Thankfully, the friends keep in touch with regular playdates that involve chases through the rows of Christmas trees.

“Every day, Peterle visits Carla, they play around, cuddle and then eat some oatmeal and dog cookies together,” Kuderer said.

As you can imagine, the pair has become quite the welcome distraction for customers, who can easily spot the stag among his deer brethren thanks to an orange collar, NBC News reports.

“The stag wears the signal colors, so that hunters in the region do not go after him,” Kuderer said.

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