Captain Planet just gained an adorable sidekick named Nora

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 08, 2016 09:17 PM

Captain Planet just gained an adorable sidekick named Nora.

The Columbus Zoo recently announced the name of its 3-month-old polar bear cub, reports Yahoo News. The name “Nora” was decided by a public vote, with more than 88,000 entries from 115 countries.

“Everyone here is very excited not only about the birth of Nora but now that she has a name. All of the names that were up for a vote were chosen by zoo staff, and then we left it to the rest of the world to help us name her,” Carrie Pratt, curator of the zoo’s North America and Polar Frontier regions, said.

Other name options included Kaya, Sakari and Desna.

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But just releasing the name wasn’t enough for a creature this precious; the Ohio zoo also shared a video of the cub presenting her name to the public. Highlights from the clip include rolling, gnawing and near nose boops.

Nora is currently being hand-raised by the zoo, because the bear’s mother started taking breaks from caring for the cub a week after the baby’s birth. While Nora grows, she is also focusing on growing the polar bear population.

The Columbus Zoo is a Polar Bears International designated Arctic Ambassador Center. This means Nora will help the zoo raise awareness about the loss of sea ice and other factors that have led to a dwindling polar bear population.

“We’re fortunate that Nora can act as an ambassador and shine a light on her wild counterparts,” Pratt said.