The "Boots On" crooner added a third pup to his burgeoning brood during a tour stop in Georgia

Country singer Randy Houser spends much of his time on the road touring, but the “Boots On” crooner’s thoughts are never far from his dogs back home in Nashville. In fact, he recently added to his brood – which already included canines Tucker and Ellie – when he picked up a new pup, Dolly, at a concert.

“I played a festival in Chickamauga, Georgia, and this lady said she had a dog. I wanted to see [the dog], so they brought her to my bus,” Houser tells “The first thing she did was climb up behind me on the couch and fall asleep behind my neck. So I obviously had to take her.”

As an ode to the country legend, he named his most recent addition Dolly because “when she whines, she sounds like Dolly Parton. And she’s blonde too.”

Check out the clip above to hear more about Houser’s brood!