A mother and her two kids kept things interesting in Franklin, Indiana, on Monday


In his 11 years as Johnson County animal control director, Michael Delp has seen a lot — but this was definitely a first.

A family of goats — a mother and her two kids — kept Delp and several other officers very busy on Monday, as they ran amok around major streets in Franklin, Indiana.

“The [mother] goat led us through backyards, led us through woods, and through fields,” Delp told WISH TV, who first reported the story.

The chase began when the newly created “large animal rescue team” responded to a call about the animals running around town.

“We had some good laughs of ‘You’re looking for a what?’” Johnson County humane law enforcement major Bob Golinski told WISH TV.

Corralling the runaways was time consuming, and the mama goat was considerably more illusive. Golinski said “the first baby goat was probably an hour into the chase and the second baby goat was 45 minutes after that.”

“After about six to seven hours of following the mama goat all over Franklin, one of my officers was able to capture her and bring her back to the shelter and reunite her with her two babies,” Delp said.

The team is now searching for the animals’ owner, from whom they believe they escaped.

“The shelter is not the place she needs to be, she needs to be back home in a barn and that’s another reason we really want to reunite her with owners,” said Delp.

People are encouraged to contact Johnson County Animal Control at 317-736-3924 with any information.