Waffle the Kenyan Sand Boa has become an unexpectedly popular internet star this week

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 13, 2016 01:33 PM

For years, snakes were shut out of the internet’s cute pets video cycle. Oh sure, there would be the occasional horrific video of a boa constrictor or python trying to eat something it shouldn’t, or succeeding at eating something it shouldn’t, or being eaten by something that shouldn’t have eaten it. But cute snakes? Cute snakes were never really a thing.

All that’s changing. For whatever reason, the tides of the internet have begun to flow in the pro-snake direction. (They’ve also been rechristened “sneks,” because the internet is a strange place.)

Waffle here is a black-and-white Kenyan sand boa, and even though the word “boa” conjures memories of some pretty dark videos in our minds, Waffles is working hard to change that by being absurdly cute. Look at his lil’ nose getting booped!

Owner Jenny Gaines has been answering questions about Waffle over at Reddit and offers the following caveat on those who might want to jump onto the Kenyan sand boa bandwagon, which is really just good advice about owning a pet, period.

“If you’re interested in Kenyan sand boas PLEASE read up on snake care and think before you buy. Make sure you can provide a healthy and happy, stress-free home for a snake.”

Or a snek, that is.