Police Respond to Warning Call About 'Pit Bull' and Make a New Best Friend

Texarkana Texas Police Department responded to a call about a "vicious dog," but found a sweet and vivacious pup instead

When the Texarkana Texas Police Department responded to a recent call about a “vicious dog,” they ended up finding a vivacious and friendly pup instead.

Officer Travis Frost was first on the scene Saturday to investigate the supposedly dangerous dog, but found nothing but a breed stereotype, reports ABC KSAT 12.

Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook

Frost approached cautiously and even left his patrol unit door open in case the dog attacked and he needed to jump back inside. Instead, he whistled for the caramel-coated pup lounging on a front porch. In response, the canine wagged his tail and walked right up the officer. The cop gave the pooch a pat, and the canine hopped right into his vehicle and “made himself at home.”


“Well, this didn’t go quite like we thought it would,” the department posted on Facebook about the doggone cute incident.

Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook

In the post the department added, “Travis said they just hung out together and took some pictures until an Animal Control Officer got there. Pit Bulls have a bit of a bad reputation. Travis said that, while you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They might be really loving like this guy was this morning.”

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On Monday, the department happily posted again, updating the community and dog lovers across the nation about the dog, whose name, it turns out, is Gold.

Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook

“GREAT NEWS!!! We just learned that Gold, the dog we encountered yesterday, was picked up this morning by his owner at the Animal Care & Adoption Center, Texarkana, USA,” writes the department on Facebook. “It was discovered that he had an implanted chip, but the owner’s contact information had not been updated in the system. Had that information been current, it would have been possible for the Animal Control Officer to immediately scan the chip and contact the owner yesterday. That would have saved Gold a trip to the shelter and overnight accommodations there. If you have a chip for your dog but are not sure that the information on file is still current, please take a moment to call the company today to update. Several people have pointed out that Gold is not actually a Pit Bull, but rather an American Bully. While I can tell the difference between a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, I don’t always know all of the nuances that would allow me to distinguish between breeds that are much closer together. Please forgive my error. I assure you that it was not intentional.”

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Gold seems like a pretty chill pup. We have a feeling all will be forgiven now that his gentlemanly reputation has been fully restored in the press.

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