Vets Pull Entire Beach Towel Out of Pet Python After Reptile Swallows Large Cloth Whole

Monty the Jungle Carpet Python weighs about 11 pounds and is nearly 10 feet long

Python swallows towel
Photo: Facebook

Forget the dog swallowing your homework — this is a case of the snake swallowing your beach towel!

In an “extraordinary” case at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney, Australia, a family’s pet python swallowed an entire beach towel — and its extraction from the serpent was caught on video.

“We see all kinds of interesting cases in our Avian and Exotics Department, but it’s not every day we see something quite as unusual and as extraordinary as this case,” SASH wrote on Facebook in a statement accompanying the incredible footage.

The snake — named Monty — is a female Jungle Carpet Python weighing about 11 pounds and stretching out to nearly 10 feet long.

Monty, 18, ate an entire beach towel before being taken to the pet hospital, where she was treated by Dr. Olivia Clarke in the Avian and Exotics Department.

Warning: Some viewers may find this video disturbing

To get the towel out, vets took radiographs to confirm the cloth’s location within the snake, who was then anesthetized for the procedure.

The doctors used a flexible endoscope to see the end of the towel in Monty’s stomach. Then forceps were placed through the endoscope to grab the towel.

This is where it gets a little gross — the team of vets worked together to hold the snake taught and slowly pull the towel out through her mouth.

The footage of the whole procedure lets viewers see the tip of the towel inside of Monty’s body. As one doctor holds the snake’s mouth open wide, another uses the forceps to bring the towel out, then pulling at it more forcibly as it is removed.

“It was smiles all round and we’re happy to report that both Monty and the beach towel have lived to see another day!” SASH wrote in their Facebook post. “Monty was discharged from hospital the same day and her owner reports she is back to her happy, hungry self.”

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