May 27, 2016 06:21 PM

Former Marine Alex Cairnie is already Warpaws’ savior, now he wants to be the stray puppy’s dad.

According to The Express, Cairnie, 39, found the pup on Saturday suffering on the streets of Basra, Iraq, in the searing heat. Warpaws, the name Cairnie, who was a Royal marine commando from 1997-2004, gave the dog, was covered in matted fur, glue and ticks. The tiny, white pup was also severely malnourished, dehydrated and unable to walk.

“I heard a dog crying for days but colleagues said I was hearing things. I kept looking and after four or five days I found her. She was covered in hard set glue and had some serious skin tears,” the current gas and oil worker told The Express.

“I named her Warpaws — as an ex Royal marine commando I know a fighter when I see one,” he continued.

Cairnie shaved the dog and picked off her ticks, and is now trying to get her to his home in Scotland so he can take care of Warpaws forever.

Alex Cairnie/SWNS

To help his effort, Cairnie has posted videos and updates on Warpaws progress to a Facebook page. Also, a friend of the veteran has created a crowdfunding page to help pay for the dogs medical treatments and transportation, which has already raised thousands of dollars.

With this support, Cairnie hopes to bring the dog home with him on Monday, when his work project in Iraq ends, but Warpaws still has a lot of recovering to do. The canine is currently under the care of a vet in Iraq and is still passing blood. This could be the result of organ damage from dehydration or Parvo, a highly contagious virus that can lead to death if left untreated.

If Cairnie is unable to bring Warpaws with him on Monday, he hopes to leave her in the care of someone who will help the dog make the trip aboard once she is healthy enough to travel.

“If she survives and I am able to get her out of Iraq she will come to the U.K. or Spain with me and my family,” he vowed. “She will not be going anywhere else.”


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