Even Beth Stern, who fosters like one million cats a year, uses one

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Cat flower Water Fountain

If you have a cat and/or enjoy looking at adorable feline fur babies on Instagram, chances are you've been served tons of cat content based on your personal viewing history. And if that's the case, you've likely spotted that flower-shaped water fountain it seems like every kitty influencer has got his or her paws on. Let this bengal cat named Potato serve as an example:

If watching Potato slurp his way from thirsty to hydrated doesn't move you to want one of these cat fountains for your own pet, it's also pressing to note Beth Stern, Cat Expert of the Universe (as far as I'm concerned), also treats her foster kittens to this decadent drinking experience.

And while feeding accessories like this are almost too cute, the cat water fountains are just as practical as they are swoon-worthy. According to veterinarian-run site CatHealth.com, our domesticated cats' wild ancestors took in most of their water from their food and, as a result, cats today still have a low thirst drive. They won't go out of their way to seek out water sources, which can lead to health concerns like UTIs, kidney problems, and fatigue. On top of that, our whisker-adorned pets tend to prefer drinking from a running, rather than still, source — which also has to do with their feral roots.

Cats tend to be finicky (to say the least), and cat water fountains can help reduce their reluctance to drink enough water every day by recreating a more natural environment. And, in some serendipitous collision of all things cute, affordable, and beneficial, Amazon's number-one best selling pet water fountain is, indeed, one of these picturesque floral water dispensers.

Cat flower Water Fountain
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Veken Pet Fountain with Three Replacement Filters and 1 Silicone Mat, $22.99 (originally $26.99); amazon.com

In the over 7,300 perfect five-star reviews on the product (which has over 29,300 five-star ratings as well), happy pet owners vouch for the Veken cascading water fountain's ability to get their picky cats to drink more water and for its superiority to competitors — even saying it's "better than 60 dollar competitors." One customer wrote, "This is by far the best pet water fountain I have gotten! We had gone through about 10 before this one! This fountain is easy set up, easy filter change, and best of all... the design is such that pet hair does not get in the bottom in the water, [because] the filter traps it up top!! This is a huge plus [because] I have a long haired cat!"

Others express how quietly the fountain operates and how easy it is to use and clean. As one shopper explained, "I love this fountain! I bought this because my cat is very finicky and very selective on how he drinks his water. This particular fountain was a very good choice because it is completely silent. Even the water makes no splash as it falls. Its silence is the reason my cat trusts it and drinks from that fountain exclusively. It comes with its own little free waterproof mats to protect the table or countertop from any drips that your cat leaves while drinking... I very confidently give this product two strong thumbs up."

The pet fountain's 2.5-liter capacity is suitable for small to medium-sized pets (even if they're not cats), and the built-in filtration and circulation systems provide healthy, clean water in constant fresh streams. With three modes, flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain, you can cater the water flow to match what attracts your pet most.

Right now, you can save an extra $4 on the best seller with an Amazon coupon and if you're a Prime member, your cat can be sipping his or her way to more hydration in just two days.

If this flowery style doesn't match your home's aesthetic, check out some of Amazon's other top-rated pet fountains below. Your kitty will be better hydrated (in the cutest way possible) in no time.

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain

best cat water fountains on amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! $79.95 (orig. $89.99); amazon.com

Kastty Cat Water Fountain with LED Light

best cat water fountains on amazon: kastty
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! $35.79–$35.99; amazon.com

Toozey Cat Water Fountain

toozey best cat water fountains on amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! $26.99; amazon.com

Orsda Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain with 6 Replacement Filters

best cat water fountains: orsda stainless steel
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! $42.45 (orig. $49.99); amazon.com

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain

best cat water fountains: petsafe drinkwell on amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! $29.95 (orig. $39.99); amazon.com

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