Vanessa Hudgens: My Dog Has a Mind of Her Own

The High School Musical star's toy poodle loves attention and "has way too much personality"

It’s so often the little sister’s curse to be left with secondhand goods. Last year’s dress, hand-me-down video games. The trade went the other way around for Vanessa Hudgens, at least in the case of her dog Shadow.

“She was actually my little sister’s dog, but she didn’t know how to handle a little, tiny, three-pound puppy,” Hudgens told at Wednesday’s Axe Music One Night Only concert in Los Angeles. “Shadow actually adopted me as her mom and kind of abandoned [my sister]. So now she’s my little sweetheart.”

The toy poodle, now 6, still gets to spend time with Stella, 14, but it seems this petite pooch is plenty occupied just being herself.

“She’s very, very spunky. She has way too much personality,” Hudgens said. “Unless you give her attention and baby her, she’s going to want to kill you.”

In keeping with her big personality, Shadow is “a little bit picky” about who she likes – luckily, Hudgens is one of them – and she has something of an independent spirit. Some might call her stubborn.

“I brought her on a hike in Malibu, and I took her down to this little stream to see if she wanted some water,” Hudgens said. “She started walking in the water and literally plopped herself down into mud. I’m like, ‘Shadow, no!’ I picked her up, put her back in the water, and she just went right back over to her little mud pile and sat in it. She’s silly. She has a mind of her own.”

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