The Hot in Cleveland star’s foster kitten turns into a fur-ever pet

By Amy Jamieson
Updated July 04, 2013 01:30 PM

Valerie Bertinelli is a failure – at fostering kittens!

The Hot In Cleveland actress is keeping a kitty that was supposed to be “just visiting.”

“Nelson – cuddled up after a big breakfast in his new forever home. #fosterfailure,” she wrote on Twitter Wednesday, with a photo of the caramel-colored tabby peacefully napping.

Bertinelli, 53, recently took Nelson and six other fluffy orphans under her wing, working to help them become more social.

“My new fosters are breaking my heart. So frightened but so cute,” she wrote as an update on June 23, with a picture of two shy-looking kittens trying to hide in some blankets.

With this much cuteness under one roof, we wonder if another “failure” could be in Bertinelli’s future. Especially after seeing this Tweet: “Found a home for one [cat], kept one. I have 2 that will be available in 3 wks and 2 available in 6 wks. The math isn’t looking good for me.” The math for the kittens, though? Pretty great!