Animals at the Detroit Zoo were treated to snack-filled piñatas and heart-shaped ice pops

February 08, 2019 01:27 PM

Love is in the air at the Detroit Zoo.

The Michigan zoo is in the midst of Heart Fest, their celebration of animal couples who “heart” each other.

Since animals aren’t ones to go to the store and buy flowers, the zoo is providing their lovebirds and lovebears with gifts to enjoy together.

On Feb. 7 penguins, red pandas, wolverines, polar bears and wolves were all given early Valentine’s Day gifts. Instead of chocolates and greeting cards, the zoo residents were treated to snack-filled piñatas, heart-shaped ice pops and painted rocks.

Detroit Zoo

While rocks may sound like a bad gift to some, they are ideal presents for penguins.

“When a male penguin finds the female he wishes to waddle through life with, he embarks on a search for a suitable stone to give her as a gift. Once he picks the perfect pebble, he places it at her feet, declaring his desire to mate. If the female accepts this ‘pebble proposal,’ the rock will be one of many used to build their nest,” the zoo said in a statement about Heart Fest.

Detroit Zoo

If you are broken-hearted that you missed this early V-day celebration, don’t worry! The Detroit Zoo is hosting a second day of Heart Fest on Feb. 9.

For those who feel unlucky in love this February, consider entering this contest where the winner gets to name a venomous snake at Wild Life Sydney Zoo after their ex.

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