Utah's Hogle Zoo Welcomes New Baby Zebra Named Archie — And He's 'a Bit of a Mama's Boy'

Archie, a Hartmann's mountain zebra, was born to mom Poppy and dad Scooby on May 31 at Utah's Hogle Zoo

baby zebra
Photo: Utah's Hogle Zoo/Facebook

The Hogle Zoo has expanded their animal family by one!

Late last month, the Utah-based attraction welcomed their second Hartmann's mountain zebra foal born this year — a new addition named Archie.

Born at the zoo on May 31 to his mom, Poppy, and his dad, Scooby, the weeks-old animal is named after Arches National Park, according to a social media statement from the zoo.

"He currently weighs around 100 pounds, has been described as a bit of a 'mama's boy,' is very curious, and likes to show off with quick bursts of speed," the zoo added in their statement.

Currently, striped Archie can be spotted in the zoo's flex yard getting "acquainted with his new world" before he joins the rest of his herd in the weeks to come.

Earlier this year, the Hogle Zoo welcomed another Hartmann's mountain zebra — a foal named Zion.

Zion was born on Jan. 15 and was "awkwardly walking" within 30 minutes, according to a prior report from CBS affiliate KUTV.

The Hogle Zoo previously asked visitors for help deciding on the foal's name before eventually settling on Zion.

"We also love Zion National Park," African Savanna keeper Michelle Olandese said in a Facebook statement. "Wherever Zion ends up with the SSP (Species Survival Plan), he'll have a connection to Utah."

"And, of course, it's a Z name!" the zoo added.

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