UPS Driver Delivers Second Chance to Drowning Dog By Saving Pet From Icy Pond

After saving Sadie the dog from the frigid water, Ryan Arens completed his delivery route

Photo: Courtesy Ryan Arens

A UPS driver’s busy route became even more eventful this past holiday season.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, Ryan Arens was on his route in Bozeman, Montana, delivering packages a few days before Christmas, when he suddenly heard a dog yelping for help.

Arens followed the sound through the dark to a nearby pond.

“I could see the dog trapped about 10-15 feet off of shore, with ice all around it,” he told the Tribune.

Along with the dog, there was also a man on the pond, closer to shore, in a row boat, who was trying to work his way through the ice to get to the canine.

Sensing that the dog’s chances of being rescued alive were dwindling, Arens took action.

“I stripped to my boxers and got the guy out of the boat. Then I slid the boat out onto the ice, using it to distribute my weight,” Arens said. “I shimmed out to where the ice was thin.”

After reaching the thin ice, Arens fell from the boat, through the ice and into the frigid water below. Instead of giving up, the UPS driver swam to the dog, who, Arens said, was starting to go under at this point, and grabbed the canine.

Together Arens and the dog swam to thicker ice, where the Good Samaritan was able to lift the dog, named Sadie, and himself out of the water so they could both make it to land.

Animal Control and the local sheriff’s department arrived shortly after Arens and Sadie got out of the water. With the dog safely in custody, Arens decided to take a quick, hot shower and finish up his delivery route.

Sadie survived this incident with no serious injuries. Arens himself got a few cuts and a cold shock from the incident, but doesn’t regret the choices he made, especially since he is a dog dad and animal lover.

“Animals are my weakness,” he told the Tribune. “It was the highlight of my 14-year UPS career.”

Arens recently reunited with Sadie, a 2-year-old wirehaired pointing griffon, during a delivery at her owner’s house. The dog recognized Arens and eagerly greeted him.

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