UPS DOGS Facebook Group Proves Dogs and Package Carriers Do Get Along

The popular group, started five years ago, features all the animals who love greeting UPS drivers on their routes

It’s a tale as old as time: dog spots mail carrier, dog bites mail carrier’s butt, mail carrier runs away wailing, scattering mail as he books it back to his truck, heart-covered boxers visible through the hole in his pants.

Well, it’s all lies.

All those dog vs. mail carrier battles you watched play out on Looney Tunes are seeped in non-truths. At least, that’s what the Facebook group UPS DOGS seems to reveal.

This online community, which also has an Instagram account, is a place for UPS drivers to share the animal encounters they have on their routes, which mostly involve dogs, but not always.

The photos and videos drivers post to this group of 380,000-plus show that, as a rule, animals adore UPS employees. There are countless videos of dog eagerly greeting drivers in their trucks to happily accept treats and pats.

Many of the posters know their furry visitors by name and have formed a special bond with each pup, which helps to break up the monotony of driving the same route each day.

According to Huffington Post, UPS DOGS was started by driver Sean McCarren, who has worked for the parcel service for 17 years. Over that time he has formed friendships with dozens of dog who are always excited to see him pull up.

It took a while for the page to get popular, but now, five years after its formation, it has about 30 UPS driver moderators and thousands of fans who stop by for a daily pick-me-up.

“The appeal is that it’s all positive, not negative,” McCarren said. “There’s no views of what people think about this or that, just dogs and an occasional cat, donkey, turtle or bird.”

So if you need a little positivity in your life (and who doesn’t?), driving down the route of the world’s UPS drivers vicariously is definitely worth a few clicks.

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