The unicorn's real name is Juliette

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 26, 2016 10:28 PM

It might not have been The Last Unicorn, but it was certainly one of them.

Drivers in central California got something of a surprise Wednesday night as they were confronted with the apparent sight of a unicorn darting in and out of traffic on several different highways.

“The calls were coming in as a unicorn running around,” CHP Officer Josh McConnell told KSEE-TV.

Depressingly, this was not a “real” unicorn (what is reality, anyway?), but instead a pony that had been doctored up to resemble the mythical beast for a children’s party.

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The unicorn’s 5:30 p.m. escape was actually its second that day: the 500-pound pony would not be contained to its party and made its way through local orchards before being tracked by helicopter and apprehended by one Renee Pardy, whose horse and the unicorn — real name Juliette — apparently were acquaintances.

“They’d met before, and I just kind of walked off with my horse and she followed,” Pardy told KSEE-TV.

Juliette was returned to her owner, 5-year-old Tatum Boos, who summed up the situation thusly: “I was afraid,” Tatum said. “She got in a timeout because she was being a bad pony.”

“I laughed and I cried,” Boos added.

We all did, Tatum. We all did.