PHOTOS: Unicorn Adds Extra Magic to Virginia Wedding

This wedding featured on The Knot proves that fairy tales are real!

Dreams do come true. Fairy tales are real. And Jody and Frank are here to prove it all.

The Knot reports the newlyweds were married at a stunning estate in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia. As with most nuptials there was a bar stocked with specialty cocktails and a reception space decked out in whimsical decorations thanks to event designer, florist, and wedding planner Kim Moody Deasign, but the couple didn’t stop there.


Their wedding was full of special touches like a cotton candy station, arial performers and, most importantly, a UNICORN PETTING STATION.

Jessica Maida Photography

At first it seemed like the special appearance was all a joke, with a stuffed animal standing in at the station for the first part of the reception. But then, the real VIP showed up: a beautiful pink-and-blue-maned unicorn.

Jessica Maida Photography

Ok, so maybe, the single golden horn was part of a costume, but this mini pony from Teeny Tiny Farm sold it. The special equine celebrity was the star of the show, happily cuddling up to guests and posing for pictures. This pony worked her pure white coat, magnificent mane and glowing horn so well, it’s easy to suspend your disbelief and imagine that unicorns just went from myth to reality.

Jessica Maida Photography

This is exactly what Jody and Frank wanted. They chose to invite this fantastic beast to their wedding as a reminder of just how magical they wanted the day to be, and based on the photos there’s no doubt these two have a very enchanted future ahead.


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