Kelli Bender
August 12, 2015 04:45 PM

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier whose acting skills helped win The Artist an Oscar, died on Friday at the age of 13.

He is remembered by the millions of moviegoers and celebrities he wooed with his fluffy charisma and the family he left behind. Among those family members is his brother Dash, another skateboard-loving Jack Russell trained by Uggie’s owner Oscar Von Muller.

Through Dash, Uggie’s playful spirit and acting talents will live on. Dash has been preparing for the big time since his brother’s retirement from the biz in 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, with a few years of experience under his collar, he is ready to work.

The slightly larger Jack Russell is listed on animal training website Animal Savvy, where Von Muller works, as a highly trained small dog available to act in movies, television and commercials.

Like his award-winning brother, Dash knows plenty of cues and tricks and is passionate about skateboarding, swimming and jumping.

Growing up with Uggie as his guide to Hollywood greatness, Dash is sure to deliver equally adorable and amazing work that keeps his brother’s legacy alive.

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