Bellini’s future owner’s will determine if the the kitten is referred to as “he” or “she”

By Kelli Bender
April 18, 2016 05:13 PM

Everyone at Cats Protection in the U.K. was calling Bellini a boy, until a recent discovery. 

The animal rescue scooped the abandoned black kitten off the streets when he was just a few days old. After a quick, initial check-up, veterinarians determined that Bellini was male, but that classification changed when doctors went to neuter the cat a few weeks after his arrival, reports BBC

During the routine operation, vets discovered that Bellini has both female and male genitalia. Now, with the procedure finished, staff at Cats Protection are wondering if the intersex feline would prefer being referred to as a “he” or a “she.” Adoption center manager Sonia Scowcroft said the rescue ultimately decided to let Bellini’s future owners make the decision. 

“We have got used to calling Bellini a boy, but really it is up to his new owner to decide what they think is best,” said Scowcroft, who has only met one other hermaphrodite cat in her years of work. “Either way, he is an absolute cutie pie and will make a really lovely pet.”

While intersex cats are rare, Bellini is just like many other felines: The kitten is affection, adorable and looking for a forever family to love. 

Bellini is now available for adoption, along with his sister Daiquiri. The kitten is in perfect health, except for a slight heart murmur, which will require routine vet visits.