Stella the beluga whale is the second beluga to die at the San Antonio park this year

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 16, 2015 08:54 PM

Sea World San Antonio announced on Saturday that its two-year-old beluga whale, Stella, passed away on Friday.

“We appreciate your support for Stella’s trainers and care staff, who are dealing with the loss of one of our family,” SeaWorld said in a statement regarding the death.

According to The Dodo, Stella’s passing is the second beluga whale death for SeaWorld San Antonio this year. A three-week-old beluga died back in July. Both of the whales were born in captivity.

The cause of Stella’s death is unknown, but she was being treated for gastrointestinal problems. Beluga whales appear to have trouble living in captivity, with a 65 percent mortality rate among baby beluga whales. Those who live past infancy often die before reaching 30. Beluga whales in the wild can live up to 60, according to The Dodo.

The announcement of Stella’s death follows SeaWorld’s recent news that its San Diego park will be phasing out its famous orca shows to focus on attractions that show how killer whales live their lives in the wild.