Two Monster Sharks Have Shut Down an Australian Beach

Two sharks over 10-ft. long have been spotted near Burwood Beach in Newcastle, Australia

Beachgoers in Newcastle, Australia have been unable to enjoy the country’s warm months due to a pair of large sharks swimming close to the shore.

The first shark was spotted near Burwood beach on Jan. 10 and identified as a 16-ft great white, reports The Daily Telegraph. After spying the great white, authorities shut down the beach and have kept it closed for the past six days.

Another shark was seen in the same area on Thursday. The 11-ft swimmer, believed to be a tiger shark, was found attacking a pod of dolphins near the shore.

Tiger sharks are usually found farther north, but winds have pushed the warmer water south this year, causing the species to travel down with it.

The arrival these troublesome predators have some asking for a targeted culling of the sea creatures, but the Department of Primary Industries says that is a police decision. Authorities don’t usually authorize this kind of cull, unless the shark concerned has attacked a human.

There were no sightings on the sharks on Saturday, but Burwood Beach will remained closed until 24 hours pass without one. Crews were taking to the air Sunday to look for the sharks before the decision is made to reopen the beach.

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